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A Holistic View of Association Publishing 


Thad McIlroy,

Date: October 26, 2017

Time: 1PM ET

Webinar: A Holistic View of Association Publishing

Association publishing is a notoriously elusive activity. The downside is that senior management can lose sight of its value. Is it a member service or benefit? Is it a way to share knowledge? Does education = publishing? Sometimes it overlaps marketing communications. For some groups it’s a major revenue source. 

This free webinar will empower association publishing managers with a set of tools for rethinking publishing within their association structure. Publishing's  unique contribution to an association’s mission is key to creating value for member-driven organizations.


Join this webinar and learn how to articulate publishing’s robust role.

Learn To Articulate Publishing's Unique Value to Your Organization

Thad McIlroy is an electronic publishing analyst and author based in San Francisco. His site,, is the most in-depth on the subject. 

McIlroy advises associations and publishing companies on maximizing digital technologies within publishing workflows. During the past 25 years he has educated and entertained audiences around the world on every aspect of digital publishing. His latest book is The Metadata Handbook: A Book Publisher’s Guide to Creating and Distributing Metadata for Print and Ebooks. 

Presenter: Thad McIlroy

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